Demystifying Boundary Surveys: Understanding the Process with Citisurv Surveyors

Boundary studies are vital procedures that give property owners accurate data about the legal borders of their land. Sydney is an urban metropolis with high property values and the potential for property disputes. Knowing your property boundaries can help you avoid these conflicts and ensure a smooth transaction. Citisurv Surveyors is a Sydney-based firm that specializes in boundary surveys. They provide expert advice and precision for delineating the property lines. In this article, we will delve into the boundary survey process, explaining the steps involved as well as the importance of engaging professionals like Citisurv Surveyors.

Step 1: Research and Planning

Citisurv Surveyors carry out thorough research and plan before they begin fieldwork. During this stage, it is important to collect relevant documents, including title plans, deeds of property, and historical documents, in order for the surveyor to fully understand the legal description as well as the history and background of the home. These documents can be reviewed, and a title check can be conducted by surveyors to determine if there are any easements, boundary markers, or encroachments on the property.

Step 2: Fieldwork and Measurements

Citisurv Surveyors, after completing the research phase, proceed to fieldwork. Here, precise measurements and observations are made to establish boundaries for the property. Using the latest surveying technology, including total stations and GPS devices, surveyors take precise measurements of distances, angles, elevations, and other parameters to accurately delineate boundaries. To do this, they locate existing boundary marks, such as survey monuments or iron pins, and verify their location relative to property lines.

Step 3: Boundary Markings and Identification

Citisurv Surveyors use temporary stakes, flags or markers to mark the property boundaries as part of their fieldwork. They do this in order to identify the legal boundaries clearly. This can involve placing temporary stakes (flags), markers, or flags on the property line to clearly mark the boundaries. Surveyors may also install permanent boundary markers, like iron pins or monuments made of concrete, at key locations along the property boundary to establish durable points for future property transactions and surveys.

Step 4: Analysis and Documentation

Citisurv Surveyors analyze data collected in the field to produce detailed reports and documentation. This includes drafting boundary surveys, boundary plans, or legal descriptions that accurately portray the property boundary and any relevant constraints. Surveyors can also provide a written report that includes the methodology they used, their findings, and any discrepancies found.

Step 5: Review and Certification

Citisurv Surveyors thoroughly review the documentation to ensure accuracy. This can include comparing the survey results with records already in existence and performing additional research or on-site checks to resolve any discrepancies. Surveyors certify boundary surveys once they are satisfied that the data is accurate and complete. They then give the client a document and final report for their records.


Boundary Surveys are vital procedures that give property owners critical information regarding the legal boundaries on their land. Citisurv surveyors in Sydney is a team of professional surveyors who are experts in boundary surveys. Citisurv Surveyors adhere to a rigorous and meticulous process that involves extensive research, fieldwork, analysis, and documentation. The result is accurate boundary surveys, which provide property owners with confidence and clarity. Citisurv Surveyors provide boundary surveys to ensure that property owners have the necessary information for making informed decisions.